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Now You Don’t Need To Sway Off The Internet To Avoid Star Wars Spoilers

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Avoiding Star Wars spoilers right before you watch an episode is definitely more toilsome than fighting a battle in itself. I personally practice all my tactics avoiding content over the internet even remotely related to Star Wars. Well, I guess someone finally thinks good for us now.

Jitbit cofounders Alex Jumašev and Max Al Farakh have developed a chrome extension that would make sure to warn you whenever you visit a page hosting any information related to Star Wars.

This works as the extension makes a keyword search over the webpage and  if there is a phrase “Star Wars” in the page content, it pops up a warning message to alert you.

There’s no complex algorithm that you need to worry about. The extension is as simple as it could be. All you got to do is install the extension and there you go.

But the extension can be equally annoying as it will pop up the window as soon as it reads Star Wars on the webpage, doesn’t matter if it is a spoiler or your friend’s update mentioning how much he is into Star Wars.  But, yes, you will get around this if you are a die hard fan.

To download the extension, you may move to Chrome Store and have it installed. Once installed, it will handle everything Itself. There’s no configuration or settings menu cause there’s no need for you to make any changes to how it works.

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