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Facebook Has Stopped Syncing Contacts On Android Devices For Some Reason

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While Facebook has been quiet grateful for keeping our phone contacts updated with latest profile pictures and up to date data, it seems that the company has pulled off its support to sync phone contacts on Android platform for some reason.

Although many of us didn’t notice this, Facebook had shut down syncing of phone contacts two months earlier itself. All we can now see is grayed out sync option in app settings on Android devices, the support however still persists on non Android devices.

What ‘might’ disappoint you, is the fact that all those contacts that automatically appeared in your contact list as a result of sync with Facebook have also been removed. Now, if you want to call someone who happens to be in your Facebook list, but not in your phone contacts, you will have to go through to tedious task of visiting their profiles and scour through the information.

You might be thinking of installing an older iteration of Facebook application, but that would simply not work as we have tested that angle too. This is what Facebook had to say on this change –

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available. If you would like to provide feedback to the product team about this, please visit our Help Center.

It is still unknown as to why Facebook boldly made this change, but what we know is Facebook sync was cool enough and we hope that they revert the feature back with next update.

However, the feature still works on iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices, but not as smooth as you expect it to be, except BlackBerry. BlackBerry seems to have Facebook sync done quiet easily rather than iOS and Windows, which struggle to  put correct profile pictures to contacts.

iOS and Windows both have their share of problems with Facebook sync. So was the case with Android, that could be the reason why Facebook pulled off the feature.

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  • I have a Galaxy Note 5 and not being able to sync contacts from facebook to my contacys is very disappointing and frustrating because that was the only way i kept in contact with dome family and friends far away. Now i cant contact them without re-messaging them (all 400)all to get contact info. Lowsy now and not fair! If other phones still do it then android shoyld still be able to do it!!!!