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Someone Just Gave Windows, A Dedicated App For Google Play Music

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To search for the one chrome tab with Google Music open or having to have the browser open just to play music on Windows, could be sometimes a real toilsome task. To add up to disgruntlement, there has been no standalone application that would run the service, until now.

As a courtesy of an Australian developer, Windows users can now download a desktop app for Google Play Music and manage things as they have been doing via the tab window of their browser.

All you need to run this app is Flash installed in your system. That’s it. Above all, the application holds Google’s material design aesthetic, as well as allowing access to Play Music’s free radio service.

Notably, this is not an official application from Google’s end. It is courtesy of developer Samuel Attard, who felt the need of having a separate application for Google Play Music just as much as other music enthusiasts subscribed to the platform.

Attard said that he was getting fed up with. And rightly so, is the case with users subscribed to the service across the world.

The desktop application has been gifted with ability to let users have a control over the controls through keyboard. Moreover, it can run on Surface Pro 4 as good as it would run on a desktop system.

While the app was first released back in July, Attard has been continually updating it since then. The latest version was released just last week, with features including a new dark theme, a settings window, and notifications for track changes.

Google announced Play Music in US as a free ad-supported service in June this year, which allows users to choose from their gargantuan collection of over 30 million songs for free.

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