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Back To The Basics : Microsoft Unveils A $55 ‘Feature Phone’ Christened Nokia 230

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Microsoft has unveiled a couple of brand new devices under the Nokia label, namely the Nokia 230 and its dual sim variant. Surprisingly, in this age and time when physical buttons on phones are being shunned by most, both of Microsoft’s latest offerings are candy bar devices.

The devices as of themselves are pretty modest, coming with a 2.8″ screen, 16 MB of RAM, an expandable memory capacity up to 32GB and 2 MP front and rear snappers — both with flash.

In terms of connectivity, The 230 comes with wireless connectivity options with mere dual-band 900MHz/1800MHz GSM support and Bluetooth 3.0.

Running on the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, the devices seek to bring the candy bar design back to the fore. What is more, they are quite inexpensive. The single and double sim versions will both come with a price tag of $55, launching in Asia and the Middle East next month, to be followed by other regions, next year.

The most important point that arises out of this is of course Microsoft’s overwhelming faith in the candy bar designs in face of almost staggering evidence to the contrary. Granted, the devices are quite cheap and perhaps ideal for those who may want to have an extra device as a backup — particularly, with its massive 23 hours of talk-time and 27/22 (Single Sim/Dual Sim) days of standby-time — but then, there are touchscreens sporting the much more popular Android platform, available in and around the same price range. Then again though, speaking purely in terms of battery backup, Microsoft’s latest offerings are far, far ahead of anything that is being pumped out in recent times.

Speaking for myself, the devices would probably not be my first choice if I was phone bereft and needed to grab a primary device, even with the relatively minuscule price tag — I mean, no Android, no games, no apps, aaarghhh!

However, if in need of something rugged that could also last through longer periods of time without crying out for the charging pin every time you turned your back on it, well, what better than a Nokia?

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