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Google Launches Holiday Campaign To Help Children With Special Needs, Will Chip In Upto $1 Million


Google has been known to make attempts towards philanthropy in its own, tech related ways. The company had in fact, a few years ago, unveiled an app that allowed users to pay $1 to different charities. In the same vein, the company is launching a holiday campaign with the nonprofit

What’s more, Google will itself be chipping in up to a million dollars toward special education projects, which is what the campaign is all about.

So, how does it work? Enter Google’s mobile payment solution, Android Pay.

According to Google, today onwards and until the year end, whenever a purchase is made via Android Pay, Google will donate $1 -– until the sum reaches $1 million. The funds raised will then be donated to, which will use it for supporting the 6.4 million children with special needs in the U.S. education system. Also, the donations will be doubled on Black Friday (Nov. 27).

The campaign does possess a whiff of something of a marketing strategy for Android Pay, considering that users will have to make purchases in order to donate, something that may easily become a habit if they just happen to like the service the first time around. After all, often it is the first step that is the hardest to take.

However, we already know that Google isn’t Santa Clause and the monies so raised will nonetheless, go a long way towards helping children with special neeeds.

Google’s Android Pay application may be downloaded right by clicking right here.


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