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Celebrate Star Wars With Google’s Latest Device Spanning Customization Features

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Entering into the spirit of the impending release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Google has released a brand new application, which will allow you to declare your colours for the light or the dark, quite literally!

The app, which has been developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Disney, lets you theme Google’s suite of applications across your devices. Except for Chrome, Gmail and YouTube — which will support the changes only on the desktop — the rest of Google applications will automatically sync into and support the changes across all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and Chromebook.

Once you make you choice out of the “light” or “Dark” side, you will notice a whole bunch of changes spanning your devices. For example, scenes from the movie appear when you open new tabs in chrome, Chromecast  gets new backgrounds while Gmail gets a bunch of new themes, again, depending upon the side you have chosen.

Apart from themes and backgrounds — Yup, there is more — folks using Google Calendar will find it filled with Star Wars-related events while loading bars — for YouTube and Gmail — will turn into light sabers. Also, Google Now will offer you trivia related to “this day in Star Wars history”.

In short, a virtual Star Wars fan paradise.

You can also help your side win the battle by posting your choice of sides on social media using the hashtag #ChooseYourSide, which then reflects upon an indicator on the homepage showing the balance of the forces.

According to Google, the credit for the Star Wars-ing of its platform is due to a group of fans working within the company who wanted Google to somehow celebrate the latest Star Wars movie — and through it, the whole series.

Interestingly enough, this is the first time that the tech giant has given its users the option of implementing a theme across all Google applications, across all their devices — with a single click. Until now, only a few platforms, such as Gmail and Google Chrome supported themes, which were completely independent of each other. It also makes one wonder if Google plans on keeping and perhaps updating this feature with other themes in the future.

Meanwhile, have fun with this and all the other Star Wars related stuff Google will be throwing our way between now and the movie premiere — which will also include a virtual reality experience for Google Cardboard. Awesome!

You can check out Google’s Star Wars Page by clicking right here.


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