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Google Nexus 6P Now Strangled With Microphone Issue, Forums Flooded With User Complains

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Nexus 6P has garnered a clump of positive reviews so far but not without its share of problems. The latest Nexus by Google, made by Huawei, is experiencing a low sound quality and muffled voice problems, as reported by users all over the world. Google Product Forums and XDA Developers are flooded with this issue posted by users seeking for a solution.

Google representatives have replied on the official forum saying that they are looking into the problem. There have been some suggestions posted by users which seem to eliminate the voice problem. One of the suggestions made was to cover the rear microphone on the Nexus 6P which seems to solve the problem temporarily.

A more permanent solution, indicating that it might be a software issue, was also posted by another user. Many modern smartphones screen out the unwanted noise and enable noise cancelling by using multiple microphones in addition to a primary mouth mic. The solution involves turning off the noise cancelling via build prop which would again do the trick.

As posted by a user –

I turned off noise cancelling via build prop and it fixed it for me. This goes back to the nexus 5 and nexus 6 as well. I doubt it’s a hardware issue. Google really needs to enable a setting for this or use better software.

This is the second major problem in Nexus P which has surfaced since the phone’s launch. A few days back, many users complained that the back glass of their phones were breaking spontaneously without any sign of a drop.

This was despite the fact that the glass is made of ultra-tough Gorilla glass. Google had forwarded the issues to Huawei at that time. However this time the problem seems to affect many users on a large-scale. The jury is still out on the issue as many other users are reporting similar problems and it remains to be seen how long it would take for Google to resolve these issues.


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