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LyfeBucket Is Your Private Digital Journal To Record, Save And Relish Precious Memories

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As literally everything in our lives goes online, our memories are also increasingly going digital, garnering more and more ”Likes” and ‘Comments” on social media. Chuck that, there are Billion dollar companies, all stemmed up and profiting from the memories we create and share.

And while every other photo app continues to be that same old, mundane photo clicking and sharing app with certain new filters and stuff, we have a new app amongst us, ambitiously aiming to become your private photo journal. Welcome Lyfebucket.

LyfeBucket aims to be your online private journal where you can digitally record, save and collect your thoughts, preserve memories in the form of photos and videos, share them with few people if you want, create bucket lists to keep a track of your dreams and aspirations, and even push you to achieve those goals and wishes in the form of reminders.

lyfebucket-BucklistLyfebucket was founded in late October 2014 by Mit Shah, Shailie Parekh and Nipul Parekh. Its co-founders created this app with the intention of giving social networking “a different angle”, so as to allow its users their own private space, free of any unnecessary and unwanted interruptions.

LyfeBucket- A Social Network Minus The Free-Flowing Socializing And The Networking 

In an age where all your social media feeds are flocked with notifications and likes from your friends near and far, your memories may lack closure from them all. LyfeBucket is a personal diary for those of you who want a social network minus the socializing and the networking. Sharing the posts is an option, but you get to choose who with.

Take a picture, caption it and post it in on the Canvas ​and you can choose to share this image with a selected few people. Same goes with videos via Vidstation​. The app gives you enough privacy and space while still keeping in theme with being a lyfebucket-Canavas 2 social media platform. through the Bucket List​option, one can list down things one means to accomplish and by when. The app not only lists the goals for you but also helps you with reminders and a little push.

How It Works

LyfeBucket allows five main features namely Lyfelet, Vidstation, Canvas, Bucketlist, and Groups:

Lyfelet​- Lyfelet allows the user to jot down notes in an amazingly simple UI. Open Lyfelet, type out a thought, add the required pictures, videos and voice-notes, and save your memories. With Lyfelet, you can become a champion note-maker recording your observations, your feelings, your decisions whenever you want and wherever you go. It’s everything you need and more.

lyfebucket-VidstationVidstation​- VidStation lets you record, upload and save your favourite videos with an unmatched ease, available for viewership at your discretion. It is an hassle-free method to save your favourite videos. Select the videos you like & just click “Upload.” Your videos will be saved for future viewing.

Canvas​- Canvas boasts of a new and savvy photo database. It can be used to save all the pictures you’ve ever clicked, be it random clicks or well-thought shares. Select the ones you love and upload them on the canvas platform. You can view any picture, at whatever moment and whichever time you feel like.

BucketList​- This feature allows you to make a list of the things you wish to achieve. You can add your personalized timeline to each item on the list and can cross off the items you complete while adding your personal notes, pictures videos etc. to commemorate your corresponding achievement.

Groups​– With Groups feature, you can create your own private group and share your messages, pictures, videos or comments only with the people you choose to trust. Create your circle of trusted friends and share, comment, chat regarding anything and everything on this private connect. You can keep the conversations, images and videos private with this feature and cherish and share memories with the people you care about.

Digging The Tech Core Of LyfeBucket

Lyfebucket aims to marry three services: a private social media platform cum personal diary space, Cloud storage, and printing. Its founders call it a one-of-its-kind platform, as it offers this unique combination of services under one roof. Moreover, Lyfebucket is an Ad-free platform. A user can browse freely through his/her personalized board without having to encounter even as much as a glance of an ad on the screen.

lyfebucket-LyfeboardThe user data is secure and not shared to advertisers and other third-parties. Lyfebucket uses 128-bit SSL security, which makes the users data secure on our servers. A user only shares the content that he or she wishes to, all other content is only available to the user and no one else. Although such “privacy settings” exist in the others as well with users having a say in who can view his profile or posts, but Lyfebucket takes “privacy” to a whole new and true level.

It starts from you and moves out to involve your surroundings, quite the opposite to how existing social platforms work. In Lyfebucket, you are the sole controller. Nothing requires access to your personal profile and nothing can be shared on behalf of your account. It is the ultimate private zone but with the full capability of being a social one making it a unique platform.

The Road Ahead

LyfeBucket is currently available on iOS, Android and the web and being self-funded for now by its partners and co-founders, it is restricted at expansion. However, there are plans to give more options to users like better features on Bucketlist, interactive bucket lists, printing their Lyfelets, and Canvas. The app also needs to be adopted to the latest features of the iOS and Android platforms, so it feels like more of a native app.

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