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IBM Opens Its Cryptographic Tool ‘Identity Mixer’, To Developers

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Good news dev folks. You will now be able to encrypt crucial data in your apps with enterprise-level tech, courtesy IBM. Identity Mixer, a tool by IBM for maintaining privacy during user authentication in various websites and apps, has today been made available to developers.

It will be available via IBM’s cloud service BlueMix, for the developers to curb the online hacking of personal data of the users while using various websites and applications. Developers will be able to use Identity Mixer from BlueMix to incorporate it in their apps

To deal with the various security issues cropping everywhere in the cyber world, be it in profile password hacking from social networks to the hacking of passwords in IoT space, there is a dire need of a system which could effectively prevent the stealing of personal data of users in the Internet age.

Identity Mixer, according to its creators at IBM Research Zurich, is the result of a 10 -year long research and allows the users  to minimize the personal data they have to reveal in digital activities for authorization, billing purposes, or as part of the terms and conditions of service providers.

The system was launched in January this year in an experimental phase and during the launch, Dr. Anna Lysyanskaya, a professor of computer science at Brown University and a co-inventor of Identity Mixer had said,

We wanted individuals to have control over what they reveal about themselves.

It is a cloud-based platform based on a cryptographic algorithm which encrypts your personal data and shares only specific and relevant details with third-party apps or websites. So, if a certain service just requires you to be of certain age (say Netflix), Identity Mixer just allows that information to the application without providing any other additional data.

This is even more useful in case of online payments where services need credit/debit card details of the users and get all the details of the user which may not be required for the actual transaction. Identity Mixer keeps this additional information private and only allows necessary information.

During the experimental phase, Identity Mixer was made available in a large pilot mode in Germany and Australia. In Australia, it is being used to secure the data of agriculture exports which was needed by partners in remote locations. The German Red Cross or Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK) in Germany is using Identity Mixer for securing data from in-home sensors as well as customer data such as medical records and family contract.

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