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After Skype, Google Releases Account-Less Calling For Hangouts

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In response to Microsoft’s recent Skype upgrade, which has left users able to place calls without needing an account, Google has updated its Hangouts with something similar. A Hangouts update, which is hitting the public even as we speak, will enable users to add anyone to a video call, without even requiring a Google account.

As per an official Google blog post,

This week we’re rolling out an update to Google Hangouts that makes joining a video call as simple as clicking a link in an invitation. No filling in forms, no need for a Google account.

Similar to what Microsoft has done with Skype, simply send a link to the non-google-logged-in folks you want to talk to, they click the link and they are in! As simple as that.

Also, reading between the lines, it seemed as if the company was hoping that corporations and companies would adopt the all-new Hangouts as their one stop solution for long distance meetings. As written in the post –

Joining a meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. That should be the case whether you’re meeting in person, or face-to-face over video. Connect with teammates and get things done, while maintaining the control and security you need in a work environment.

As for how to get people to join the chats, Google explains it via an example,

Say you’re a business about to talk through new product plans with your supplier, and you decide it’d be great to also get the thoughts of a key customer. No problem.

  1. Invite your external guests with Google Calendar
  2. They click a link in the event description and fill in their name
  3. In order to help give you control and security over your meetings, you’ll get a prompt to accept / deny their entry whether you’re using web, mobile or Chromebox for meetings.

You can also pair it up with Google Calender so that a calendar invite is automatically sent to whoever you want to meet. As for security, you have the option of limiting video meetings to only people within your particular organization along with muting and ejecting participants.


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