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Google Introduces Offline Mode For Maps In India With Support For Navigation

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Couple of days after its US launch, Google Maps’ Offline mode has now finally been made available to users on the Indian subcontinent. The app will now allow users to find their way and even navigate turn-by-turn on some of the most crowded roads in the world, even when offline.

Google has expanded the offline mode for Maps it has been offering since 2011 and will now let you to download entire cities and countries directly onto your smartphone. What’s even better, the new offline mode also supports the navigation facility.

A blog post on Google India elaborated on the topic.

Travelling doesn’t need to be this stressful. From today, Google Maps can help you find directions and get where you’re going, even when you don’t have an Internet connection with the launch of new offline functions in Google Maps. 

You can now download the map of an area of the world to your phone. Once you have saved that area for offline access, you can get turn-by-turn driving directions, search for specific destinations, and find useful information about places, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

The feature was announced by Google last week, when it said that users will soon be able to view places, offline. However, the feature is still in its initial stage and does not cover the entire globe — either in terms of availability or in terms of locations available for download.

The feature is particularly important in India, where finding a stable internet connection is often a pain in the neck. With this feature, people seeking direction can plug into a wi-fi connection, download the relevant maps and be on their way.

Simply tap “Download” when on the appropriate location on Maps. The connection automatically switches as soon as the data connection turns back on, and also starts displaying the live traffic conditions for your currently chosen route.

The feature is currently available for Android only but an iOS version is expected to follow soon.

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