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Plug And Play Your Way Through Computing With The New Asus ChromeBit

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Google has today announced the launch of Asus Chromebit, an HDMI stick that will allow users to convert virtually any screen into a computer running the chrome OS, simply via plug and play. And yeah, if you have already guessed it, it is indeed similar to Intel’s PC-on-a-stick.

To start with, you purchase one of these Chromebits which will lighten your pockets by anywhere around $85. Next, get some USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboards. Finally, plug and hook everything on your hands to a TV and hey presto! You have what Google calls “a full computer,”.

While I am pretty sure that the Chrome OS PC won’t support hardcore gaming or deep programming, Google says that it will suffice for normal stuff like watching videos and movies, browsing through your photos, exploring Google Earth or even playing games downloaded via the Chrome Web Store. In short, almost everything an average person needs to do with his/her system.

The Asus Chromebit arrives with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM.

Even ignoring the added security such a system would possibly provide, the future potential for such a device is quite vast.

Suggesting one of these uses, Google said that businesses can not only use the Chromebit to power “menu boards at a coffee shop or cafe,”  but can also can download Chrome Kiosk apps to power signs and kiosks. To facilitate the usage of digital signs and kiosks, Google today announced the Single App Chrome Device Management.

Single App CDM offers ongoing reporting that monitors the health of your kiosks and signage at all times. You’ll get alerts if a device goes down and can remotely reboot the device without dispatching a technician. You can also get live updates about system usage and capture screen grabs to see exactly what viewers see,

The Single App CDM system is priced at $24 per device per year.


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