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Ola Deploys Boats To Rescue People From Water Logged Areas In Chennai

With a deadly downpour pretty much decimating the lifestyle of one of India’s most developed metros, Ola has stepped up to provide aid to the people in the affected area and has announced that it has deployed boats in water-logged and partially submerged areas in Chennai to carry people to a safer area, free of cost.

Rain god has been too merciful this week and has been shedding rain non-stop in Chennai since 3 days. Streets have partially been submerged in water and around 70 people have lost their life to this flood.

Ola says that the boats are manned by professional rowers and fishermen and that it is using them to carry people to safer areas and also to deliver food and drinking water in necessary areas.

Ola managed to get boats on time through the Chennai Sport Fishing Company and is using them well for a noble deed. Each boat is rowed by 2 people and can carry around 7 to 8 people at a time.

The company is also providing rain gear to all rowers, which will help them ferry people without any hassles. In order to guard customers from rain, Ola has also stocked umbrellas in every boat. The service will be provided over next 3 days, and might be extended depending upon the intensity of the rain and condition of the affected area.

If you are stuck in the affected area, you may call in an Ola boat using Ola’s application and reach to a safe point. It’s fascinating to see how people and organisations are coming together to fight off a natural calamity.

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