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Julia Computing Gets A $600K Grant From Gordon And Betty Moore Foundation

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Julia Computing, a startup to commercialize the open source programming language Julia (developed by startup’s founders), have received a $600K grant from the US-based Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, reports ET.

The fresh funds will be used to develop the existing beta level of language and move the first production version of the language over the next two years.

Julia Computing was founded earlier this year by the creators of the Julia language. The founders include former UIDAI executive Viral Shah, Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, and MIT applied mathematics professor Alan Edelman.

They first launched the open source language Julia in the year 2012. Julia is a free alternative to proprietary tools for doing data science, like MathWorks’ MATLAB and Wolfram’s Mathematica, and it’s more contemporary than open-source languages R and Python.

With the increasing reliance on data-driven decisions and data scientists by the companies these days, open source tools such as Julia often come in handy.

We need new tools that can make it easier. The Julia Language offers significant benefits to data-driven researchers and should help speed the pace of discovery,

 said Chris Mentzel, Director of the Moore Foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery Initiative.

Julia Computing was started this year in May after the founders decided to commercialize the open-source language and provide services such as support, training, and consulting services for Julia for a fee.It currently operates from its offices in Boston, New York and has plans to come up with an office in Bengaluru as well.

Julia has clients from these cities in addition to few others and the tool is also being used in universities for teaching and research, and by businesses in engineering, e-commerce, finance departments.


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