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Google Working On Atleast Two New Wearables, One With And The Other Without Glass, Says Report

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There have been rumors for quite some time regarding the resurrection of Google glass in the form of a similar initiative at Google which is named as Project Aura.

Now according to another report by The Information, Project Aura is set to bring at least two wearables; one is with a glass screen for enterprises and the other is for more active users.

The one for active users, called “headphones worn on your face” by The Information, is without any glass and relies on audio through bone conduction.  According to the report, there are in fact three wearable devices on which Aura team was supposedly working simultaneously but these devices are to be consolidated into two devices.

After the debacle of Google glass, Google has been reportedly again trying to revive its efforts into virtual and augmented reality with Project Aura. Project Aura is being headed by Nest co-founder and chief executive Tony Fadell who had earlier been in charge of the iPod and iPhone projects at Apple.

He reportedly dabbled into head-mounted designs at Apple ages ago so he was brought into Project Aura to lead the development alongside famed designer Ivy Ross. Earlier this year, there were also rumours that Google had hired engineers, some of which were audio experts, from the hardware division called Lab126 at Amazon. These people are on the Project Aura team working on these wearable devices.

These wearables are reportedly going to be released sometime next year, the time when  Oculus Rift devices are also expected to come in the market.

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