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MobiKwik Unveils Brand New User Interface For Android App, Offers Personalized Experience And More

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MobiKwik has gone through a period of extensive overhauling on its apps, and is now coming up with a completely renovated user interface — accompanied by changes that pervade much deeper than merely the skin.

MobiKwik seems to have caught the recent card fever at Android, and now features a bunch of home screen cards that allow users to check out the mobile wallet.

The company, with its 25 million users and over 50,000 retailers, allows users to pay their way through online as well as offline stores, m-com apps and telecommunication vendors. The app can also be used to fix bills, pay for food, grocery and even hail cabs.  What’s more, money can be transferred from wallet to wallet or wallet to bank accounts of your choice.

In short, a wide spectrum of your money spending needs can be satisfied while within the app.

However, most of the populace still rely upon it solely for mobile recharges. That is probably why with this update, the company has taken strong steps to educate the masses with its other services too.

The cards for instance, once you get over the surprise of getting deals and discounts from MobiKwik retailers and partners directly on your home screen, are quite useful. Apart from offering you a quick getaway to pay your mobile bills, the cards also introduces you to a whole bunch of new, hitherto hidden uses of the app. For example, did you know that you could use the wallet to pay your bills at the Café Coffee Day store or even order a Pizza from Domino’s?

Lets take a look at MobiKwik’s other important features too, one at a time.

First off, the transactions are almost 3x faster, courtesy the ‘favorites’ tab on the home screen which records your recharged numbers and connections and thus allows faster recharge and bill payments — No more entering your own number, every time you need to recharge it.

Next up, MobiKwik has condensed all your details under a single banner for you to view. Just tap on ‘My Wallet’ and you can easily view all details such as account information, favorites, saved cards, loyalty points, and transaction history etc.

Finally, under a new tab labelled as Games and App, you are suggested a bunch of relevant games and apps to download which are based upon the user preference.


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