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Microsoft Rolls Out A Bing Tool To Test How Good Your Website Runs On A Mobile Device

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It’s no surprise to see how world is scorchingly headed to become mobile centric and rather destined to hold a sheer domination over traditional PCs. And as a part of this major drift, people have started to use their smartphones for scrounging all major and minor information on the web.

This makes it a major responsibility for webmasters to present a clean and interactive mobile version of the original one, because that’s one  of the key factors for luring a major proportion of traffic in current scenario.

Considering that, Microsoft’s has today rolled out a new Bing tool to allow web developers and designers to make a comprehensive check on the basis of few mandatory parameters to ensure whether a certain website is mobile friendly or not.

There are times when you try to visit a website through you smartphone, but end up in doing nothing because the content doesn’t fit right as per the screen size. This make things utterly frustrating.

Earlier this year, Google and Bing started to mark websites in the search results on the basis of their mobile friendliness, which then made direct changes to their overall ranking on the web.

The tool is designed for webmasters, rather than users, so that they can check whether their site is good enough on a compact device and make changes accordingly.

Here are the parameters on the basis of which Bing’s new tool makes a judgement –

  • Viewport and Zoom control configuration
  • Width of page content
  • Readability of text on the page
  • Spacing of links and other elements on the page
  • Use of incompatible plug-ins

Microsoft explained it in technical terms how this stuff happens –

The Mobile Friendliness Test tool is yet another important step in our commitment to help site owners create mobile-friendly experiences. We hope it greatly aids you in making your website mobile-friendly. Each time you run the tool against a URL, we crawl the page the same way Bingbot does, download necessary and allowed resources, dynamically render the mobile page, extract features and run it through our mobile classification algorithms to produce the verdict for your page.

The roll out of this product also highlights on the mobile centric world we are headed to and the importance of clean mobile friendly websites, which are being visited by millions and billions every second.

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