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Uber Partners With TomTom To Strengthen Its In-App Maps And Navigation

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A large proportion of Uber’s operations is dependent upon the mapping and navigation systems it uses to assist drivers and rider to locate each other. It has hence been making relentless efforts to further improvise this piece of its service.

Uber had earlier reportedly offered to buy Nokia’s mapping business for around $3 billion early this year but lost out on the deal to a consortium of German automakers. It then acquired a portion of Microsoft’s map technology and hired about 100 of engineers from Microsoft’s mapping team.

The US upstart and world’s most valued VC-backed company as of today, has now made another significant deal in a bid to strengthen its mapping division, by partnering with the Dutch technology company TomTom to make use of its digital maps and navigation system.

Matt Wyndowe, Head of Product Partnerships at Uber, said –

We look forward to working with TomTom, a leader in the mapping and navigation space. Their mapping and traffic data will help ensure we continue to provide a great experience for drivers everywhere.

Uber has shown increased interest in developing its own mapping operations despite maintaining close ties to Google — which is also an investor into the over $50 Billion valued ride-hailing service.

TomTom has been powering Apple Maps since long and will extend the same service to Uber. Uber says that it will use TomTom services along with Google and make a mix of the both to power up its maps and navigation system.

In China, Uber majorly relies on Baidu Maps for navigation as a part of the strategic partnership both parties have.

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