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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 November Update: Improved Performance And Greater Control Within Organizations

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Staying true to rumours and its promise of regular updates to the latest Windows 10, Microsoft choose today to launch its first major update to the Windows 10 platform on PCs and tablets.

Being hailed as the November Update by Microsoft, the update will be received by existing Windows 10 users as per their Windows Update settings. On the other hand, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users looking to upgrade their platforms through Microsoft’s free upgrade offer, will receive 10 with the update applied.

Thanks to the fact that the update was released a tad earlier for the Microsoft insiders in the preview build, we can bring you up to date on most of the enhancements brought on by it. Lets take a look.

First off, the update brings along a significant performance improvement. If Microsoft is to be believed, along with enhanced efficiency in routine tasks, the update also leads to boot times that are almost 30 percent faster than those for Windows 7 on the same device.

Most of Microsoft’s in-built applications, such as Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox, Windows Store, OneNote, and Solitaire have received benefits, but by far the most affected is Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana and its latest internet browser, Edge.

Cortana has hands down been the most affected by this update. Along with pen input, recognition capability for phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses has been integrated into the app. The app has also gained wider availability and can now be accessed in Japan, Australia, Canada, and India (in English). Oh, did we mention the ability to book cabs from Uber?

Next up is Microsoft Edge. The browser has received a tab preview feature that lets you see what is open in each tab without ever needing to leave the page you’re on, simply by hovering over the tab you want to preview. Also, the browser can now sync your Favorites and Reading list items across different devices. What’s more — you are going to love this — Cortana is now able to notify you of available shopping coupons when you browse popular shopping websites on the net. Also included in the package are a bunch of performance and security improvements.

Finally, the highly anticipated Skype Integration has also been included — albeit in a preview mode. With this, features such as video calling and messaging are built directly into native Windows 10 apps.

Organizations have not been forgotten by Microsoft and the update provides a whole bunch of tools for the IT department to check out.

For one, the department has a tight control over update deployment within their own organizations. Groups of devices may now be specified for staggered or scale deployments with network optimization.

Also, the IT departments have gained the ability to distribute and manage a particular app from the Windows store apps, directly to Windows 10 devices within the organization. Apps can also be published to private stores with organizations having tight reins over their preferred distribution methods.

With the inclusion of the brand new Azure Active Directory, a user within the organization can lug his/her Windows settings and data across any Windows 10 device within the structure, with a single login detail. Also, Mobile Device Management can now be used to manage entire families of devices.

Well, with this update, Microsoft has managed to get a major potion of the promised features across to Windows 10 devices. However, we are still  waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to make an appearance. While the first devices with Windows 10 pre-loaded, are expected to be launched this month, existing Windows devices are likely to receive an upgrade to the latest mobile platform, sometime in December.


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