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Quora Updates Messaging Policy, Users Will Now Get Messages Only From People They Follow

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Popular question-answer community Quora has updated its messaging policy to make private messages more friendly, helpful, spam free and relevant.

According to the new policy, now by default, users will only get messages by people they follow, unlike the previous open platform where anyone can message anybody on Quora.

If users still want to be accessible to all, they can tweak their privacy settings to enable receiving messages by everyone or completely turn off the messaging feature. People can still block any user from sending messages and report abusive messages to Quora Moderation.

There is a small exception to this new policy which is applicable for trusted users who have been vetted by Quora and are held to high standards. These people which include top writers and verified accounts, will be able to message anyone as they are trusted by the company to send respectful and relevant messages.

The new changes, Quora believes, will encourage people to be more public and less private with certain communications especially between people who do not know each other. This well help the platform to be free from  bad behaviours as public communication can be reported and down-voted by the whole community allowing Quora to more quickly moderate it.

Quora is increasingly becoming popular among people looking for high-quality content and answers to their questions from topics ranging from Politics, Science to Inspiration, Personal Productivity and Life problems and many more.

The high quality of answers from people with an efficient feedback and moderation system has made Quora a superior alternative to Reddit with whom it has often been compared and which, in fact, is plagued by the issue of many unnecessary things and useless content.

With new messaging policy giving more privacy to people, Quora expects to help everyone have a more positive experience on its platform.

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