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Google Rolls Out “About Me” To Add Transparency To Its Data Collection Practices

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People have lately been very skeptic about how tech giants like Google and Microsoft collect their data in infinite ways in the name of product improvisation and enhanced user experience. Google has finally sensed this heat and has rolled out a tool termed “About Me” to maintain a certain level of transparancy between users and the company.

The new tool has been solely rolled out with a purpose to settle down the disgruntledness among users. It will let you view what data the company is holding on you and what other people can see.

You can eventually make alterations to this data and also the privacy options. Not all data can be changed, this means you can’t change primary data like first name. The changes that you make will be reflected over all of the Google’s services.

Google has been infinitely times questioned for its data collection practices and criticised for not providing a justification. Even Microsoft couldn’t manage to escape the wrath of people.

Online forums have been flooded with criticism for Windows 10 data collection methods, majorly because Microsoft has decided not to provide an option to turn this thing off. On the other hand, Microsoft and Google have always tried to bring down the heat by saying that the data collected is used for product improvisations and to enhance user experience.

While Microsoft didn’t come front with such an offering, which forced developers to develop tools on their own to stop sending data to Microsoft, Google will let you control your data hereafter and you can change it as many times as you want.

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