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Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 42 For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

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Mozilla has announced the all-new Firefox 42 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. And let us assure you folks, the Firefox 42 is pretty awesome.

One of the most important features of the Firefox 42 is the extreme level of privacy it offers. We all know the importance of the private surfing mode that comes pre-integrated with every browser in one form or the other.

Apart from not storing your usual history related data, the new Firefox also blocks all those annoying website elements  including advertisements, analytics trackers, and social share buttons that could somehow compromise your personal details.

If claims from Mozilla are to be believed, its latest bowser has a definite edge over competition as far as privacy is concerned.

We created this feature because we believe in giving you more choice and control over your Web experience. With the release of Tracking Protection in Firefox Private Browsing we are leading the industry by giving you control over the data that third parties receive from you online. No other browser’s Private Browsing mode protects you the way Firefox does — not Chrome, not Safari, not Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Also, for pages that absolutely require you to allow some of these elements in order for seamless viewing, exceptions can be made via an in-built Control Center, which comes with all of Firefox’s site security and privacy controls.

The improved privacy features have also led to a significant increase in other faucets of browsing, including page load time and data consumption.

The new firefox also comes with another much requested feature, namely tab audio indicators.  Already available on Google Chrome, this feature lets you know which, if any, tab is currently playing audio by a small speaker icon on the tab producing sound.

You also get the option of muting — and then unmuting — the tab by means of a single click upon it, without even needing to switch to it. There is also an enhanced login manager, which can now allow you to view all the logins in line.

Apart from what we have already mentioned above, the desktop version of the Firefox 42 sports the following changes,

  • HTML5: Implemented ES6 Reflect
  • HTML5: Support ImageBitmap and createImageBitmap()
  • HTML5: Media Source Extension for HTML5 video available for all sites
  • Developer: View HTML source in a tab
  • Developer: Remote website debugging over WiFi (no USB cable or ADB needed)
  • Developer: Asynchronous call stacks now allow web developers to follow the code flow through setTimeout, DOM event handlers, and Promise handlers.
  • Developer: Configurable Firefox OS Simulator in WebIDE, to simulate reference devices like phones, tablets, even TVs
  • Developer: CSS filter presets in the Inspector
  • Developer: Ability to save filter presets inside CSS Filter Tooltip

For the complete Firefox 42 changelog click here.

The Android version of the 42 also brings along some pretty handy updates. Along with private browsing and tracking protection you also get to directly open links from Android apps in the background.

You can now also queue up tabs in the background without any need to switch to Firefox. Here’s a list of some of the more important add-ons for Android.

  • New: Private Browsing with Tracking Protection blocks certain Web elements that could be used to record your behavior across sites
  • New: Open external URLs from Android apps in the background
  • New: Family-friendly browsing for Android when users create a restricted profile on tablets
  • New: Use scrollable tabs for panels navigation
  • New: Support direct voice input for searching from the URL bar
  • New: Mobile login manager (about:logins) lists all saved logins and allows users to view/edit or delete logins
  • Changed: Improved performance on interactive websites that trigger a lot of restyles
  • HTML5: Implemented ES6 Reflect
  • HTML5: Support ImageBitmap and createImageBitmap()
  • HTML5: Media Source Extension for HTML5 video available for all sites
  • Developer: Remote website debugging over WiFi (no USB cable or ADB needed)

For a complete list of changes for Android, click here.

The desktop version is available for download via firefox’s official website. The android version on the other hand, can be downloaded via the play store.

Apart from the latest release of Firefox 42, Mozilla also released Firefox 44 Developers Edition. The edition packs a bevy of cool  Animation and memory management tools, the former of which, according to Mozilla “work the same way animators think.”

The Animation tools come with various panels, such as Page Inspector’s animation panel — allowing you to scrub, pause, and visualize every single animation on a webpage.

You can also pick a global view of animations  and zoom in to a few nodes and then apply the visual cubic-bezier editor to make sure that your animation behaves exactly the way you want it to. You can also apply the CSS filter to add, remove, reorder, and adjust filters with live feedback.

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