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Tesla’s Model 3 On Schedule, To Be Unveiled In March 2016

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There is no doubting the fact that Tesla’s cars are pretty awesome. But, they also usually tend to be just as expensive. Faced with sales that were not quite hitting the mark, the company has decided to hit the public with something that will burn — relatively — smaller holes in their pockets. Here comes the Model 3.

Expected to come with a price tag of $35,000, the car will likely be unveiled inMarch, 2016. However, the really good news is the fact that so far — and a bit unusually — Tesla seems to be staying on its schedule.

As per a Tesla’s Quarter 3 letter to its shareholders,

Operating expenses should increase slightly in Q4, but reflect a further decline in Model X development expenses, offset by increased costs related to expanding our global sales capability and developing Model 3. We are on track to unveil Model 3 in late March 2016.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will be cruising in the Model 3 anytime soon. March 2016 is simply the expected date for unveiling the car, while actual production may not take place before 2017. Meanwhile, Tesla is busy  processing pre-orders for the car.


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