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Microsoft Revokes Unlimited OneDrive Storage, Reduces Free Storage For New Users

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Last year, Microsoft started to offer unlimited OneDrive  cloud storage for Office 365 subscribers and 15 GB free storage to new users, with an intent to steal a substantial amount of user base from the likes of DropBox and Google. However, it failed to foresee the fuss that was likely to come along.

Today, Microsoft has terminated the unlimited cloud storage to its Office 365 subscribers, replacing it with a new 1 TB cap. The reason being stated for the change by Microsoft is that too many users were taking advantage of the unlimited space to store entire movie collections, hours of recorded video, and entire PC backups. It’s like offering a full piece of cake and expecting that the other party to just taste a bit.

That’s not it. It looks like Microsoft has been falling too short of data centers. It has apparently terminated the 15 GB storage that it offered to the new OneDrive users as well. The new cap introduced to this plan is 5 GB, no different from DropBox and Google.

In fact, unlimited storage and 15 GB cap to new users played a major role in luring users to the platform. Microsoft has decided to give a 12 months time to its users to shift their data and restrict it to the new limits applied.

Furthermore, the Redmond giant has revoked its plans for 100 GB and 200 GB of cloud storage, replacing it with a 50 GB plan for $1.99 a month. However, if you are subscribed to this plan, you will get to keep the deal. That’s a rather big change in a single day and might cause a bit disgruntlement among users.

if you’re only subscribed to Microsoft’s productivity suite for the bottomless storage it previously offered, Microsoft will offer you a pro-rated refund on your subscription.

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