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Xiaomi Expands Itself To African Grounds, Will Start Shipping Redmi 2 And Mi 4 This Month

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It was quiet fascinating to witness China’s leading smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi building itself up a position among the world’s most elevated brands. However, it has realised a situation where it needs to expand itself into fresh markets and will be retailing its Redmi 2 and Mi 4 in Africa through a distribution partner.

Xiaomi has made a little change as to how it will be delivering its products to people in Africa. Instead of directly its smartphone to sale, it will be partnering with MIA group to launch its sales. The MIA Group will handle the sales, marketing and support for the handsets. Xiaomi says it has been looking into different ways to make its smartphones available in newer markets.

By offering a budget-friendly Redmi 2 and a slightly higher-end device in the form of the Mi 4, Xiaomi is betting that these two models, with their aggressive price points, will be attractive for its potential customers.

Xiaomi’s global strategy director, Raymond Tian said in a statement –

We see Africa as the next frontier for smartphone growth and we are excited to be partnering with MIA Group to offer consumers in these three countries our high-quality smartphones at amazing prices.

Africa is expecting a surge of smartphone sales, according to the GSM Association. And to pick an advantage of this surge, Xiaomi has made early preparations and will be rolling out its products to Sub Saharan continent starting this month.

Exact information regarding pricing and availability will be made available per country in the near future, prior to release.

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