Wikipedia Goes Huge, Now Has 5 Million Articles In English

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The Internet’s most popular and most extensive encylopedia – Wikipedia – has achieved an important milestone. The online storehouse of Knowledge now houses more than 5 million articles in the English language.

The magic number of 5 million was reached when Cas Liber, An Australian National, contributed an article, writing about a rare shrub called persoonia terminalis.

The Journey which began in 2001 has seen an exponentially increasing interest in the website, with more and more people contributing their bits of knowledge to form a massive, cohesive whole.

From zilch in 2000 to two million articles in 2007 and from three million in 2009 to four million articles in the year 2012, the English language section of Wikipedia has now reached to the massive numbers and you can find information related to almost anything.

English is followed by Swedish (two million articles), German (1.87 million), Dutch (1.84 million), and French (1.69 million articles).

The news is particularly important considering that only last week, a Wikimedia Foundation official had accused media of denying Wikipedia the coverage that is its due.

If you are a die-hard Wikipedia fan and have about $ 500k to spare, you may look at buying a 7,471-volume printed version of Wikipedia covering the 30 Terabytes of knowledge contained in the website. For myself though, I think I will stick to the online version.


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