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Google’s Attempt At Instant Messaging Lets You Know Which Of Your Friends Are ‘Down’ At The Moment

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Google has released a brand new application on the PlayStore and App Store. Yeah, no one came to know about it (we got an anonymous tip too). Dubbed “Who’s Down”, the app, which was released silently with — for reasons best known to Google itself — a marked lack of fanfare, is a way to keep track of Friends that are available to hang out.

Though we haven’t been able to scoop much — since it is invite only at the moment — once enough people start using it, it could prove to be an extremely handy and useful way for planning and meeting up with
buddies for stuff ranging from studies to hiking to simply having a coffee together.

From what we have seen, there is a toggle switch which allows you to choose between being unavailable and available for upto three hours with a single touch. You can choose from a list of popular activities
to say you’re down for.

What’s more, the app also has an in-built chat feature, to hammer out the details of whatever “you are down for”. Also, if you have some time that you wish to kill, you can browse through stuff your buddies are down for and join them in the activity.

You see, social networking has just not been Google’s domain till date. The internet giant has made numerous attempts, most popular and noteworthy of them all was of course Orkut, which — well — you know how it ended. Google had reportedly also tried to buy out WhatsApp in its early days, a deal which obviously didn’t materialise. The Google Plus is here too, but its existence — to be frank — doesn’t really matter to many people (except for content websites who maintain an account to get better rankings on Google).

Looking at all of Google’s failures, let’s see how this one pans out. To Download the application, Click here for Android and here for iOS though you may have to get an invite first. Lets see if “who is down” becomes the next catch word in the near future.

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