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Microsoft Drops Fresh Windows 10 Build, Brings Media Casting To Edge

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Microsoft has announced a brand new preview version of Windows 10. Apart from those usual performance improvements, this newly announced version 10576 contains the highly anticipated Media casting feature for the Microsoft Edge Browser.

The feature works in tandem with any Miracast and DLNA device and supports a whole bunch of content.
Gabe Aul of Microsoft says,

Cast a video from YouTube: Go to in Microsoft Edge. Click on the “…” menu and the top left, and select “Cast media to device” and select the Miracast or DLNA device you want to cast to. Cast a Facebook photo album: Login to Facebook in Microsoft Edge and click on the first photo in one of your photo albums to cast. Click on the “…” menu and the top left, and select “Cast media to device” and select the Miracast or DLNA device you want to cast to.

Navigate through your photo album by clicking on the forward and backward buttons. Cast your music from Pandora: Login to Pandora in Microsoft Edge to get to your music and click on the “…” menu and the top left, and select “Cast media to device” and select the Miracast or DLNA device you want to cast to.

Sweet. However, there is a catch. Casting content that is protected by copyright — such as from places like Netflix and Hulu — is not going to be possible.

The market was rife with speculation as to when Microsoft will add this feature to its Windows 10 build, particularly after Google’s Cast extension for Chrome.

Apart from the cast feature, Cortana for Edge browser has also received a feature boost and the Ask Cortana button can be selected in the right-click menu while you’re looking at PDFs in the browser. Bound to come in handy.

Also out of the sack is an updated Xbox beta app for Windows 10, which brings along a whole bunch of social tools into the mix.

includes the ability to easily find and add Facebook friends who are also on Xbox Live to play, chat, and share clips – a top requested feature.

Plus, you also have the voice over recording feature now. The build also comes with fixes for a whole bunch of notorious issues, including improved alerts, reduced audio volume during alerts and
automatically disappearing Skype messages.

Microsoft seems to have put in a lot of work into this build as usual. Lets hope that the testing phase goes well and the updated Windows 10 rolls out soon.

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