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Indian Angel Network Marks Third Investment In The UK, Invests In VoIP Service Provider Aznog

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Indian Angel Network (IAN), a leading business angel group, has made an undisclosed investment announcement in UK-based Aznog (formerly known as CalLiberate), a VoIP service provider. Aznog mobile app, which allows its users to make unlimited free phone calls directly to mobile & landline numbers worldwide without any credits or subscriptions package.

This round of investment was led by Alok Agarwal, Harsh Hada and Vishal Khare from the IAN network, with Alok Agarwal & Harsh Hada joining the board of the company.

IAN announced its entry last year into the British entrepreneurial ecosystem by investing in startup that created a regional employee bank allowing workers to accept shifts across multiple locations.

Over the last three years, IAN has invested in 64 companies with a total outlay of $38 million. Aznog is the third UK-based startup that IAN has invested in since its entry into the British entrepreneurial ecosystem last year.

Aznog app allows its users to make unlimited and free calls directly to mobile & landline numbers worldwide without buying any credits or subscription unlike other VoIP companies.

Moreover, this doesn’t require both the peers to have a mandatory internet connectivity or install the Aznog app. Only the caller requires Aznog app and Internet (mobile or wifi) on his/her device while the call recipient gets a normal phone call, which does not require app or Internet to answer and talk.

This is what makes Aznog’s product stand apart from other VoIP products in the market and typically caters student community and young working professionals in the age group of 18-30.

Aznog was originally founded in Nagpur, India in 2012, but relocated itself to London in July this year. The venture is the brainchild of Amogh Meshram and co-founded by Dragos Dinu.

Amogh Meshram, CEO and Founder, Aznog said

Since the history of mankind, two things have been free: thinking and talking. Someone began thinking about talking and started charging others for it. Now talking is free again! Our app is currently available for download only in Germany and UK, but one can make calls across 20 countries across the globe. In future we are planning to allow our app download in more countries and India will be on top of our priority list. Our mission is to provide unlimited and free calling worldwide. We are looking at close to 1 million users by next year. The journey with IAN has been extremely rewarding Straight from the first call with Mr. Hada till today, we’ve received great support from our Leads and IAN. We’re very proud in having 3 leads from 3 different backgrounds. They are always ready to roll their sleeves in helping us with any and every aspect of the business we need their support on.

IAN funds will be utilized to scale Aznog’s infrastructure in order to service more users around the globe and will help bring more talented people in the team.

The mobile application is currently available only for Android users.The user experience is simple and similar to making a normal call: open the app, select the contact one wants to call from its contacts list, and press the call button. The user can also dial phone numbers directly if needed.

Other markets like transportation and food tech has skyrocketed with players like Uber, Zomato and Foodpanda adding their own elements to the business. However, telecom segment has remained stagnant since years and is a purely untapped market. Aznog believes that they can bring disruption to this market with their product.

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