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Apple Launches Second App On Google Play Store, And It Suffers The Same Fate As Before

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It has been just over a month since Apple brought its first app on Google Play Store, Move to iOS, which received a not so warm welcome and got blasted by one-star reviews from Android fanatics.

Now Apple has launched its second app, Beats Pill+, on Google Play Store which allows the users to control the newly launched  $229 Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speakers from their smartphones. Once again, a few Android fanboys have completely ripped apart the app by giving it 1 star reviews with extremely harsh and somewhat hilarious reviews:



Although this time, the initial ratings of Beats Pill+ at 2.9 are a lot better than 1 star ratings which Move to iOS got in the beginning. This is perhaps due to the fact that Apple seems to have found some generous supporters and genuine reviews also, given the fact that the app is not supposed to help users to make the transition from Android to iOS.


However, seeing the battle of supporters of both platforms on Play Store who are giving reviews and ratings just to support their brand and not the app itself, has again raised the question of the credibility of the rating system of apps on Play Store. Many of the people, who posted reviews there, themselves said that they have not used the app but are just there to give their support to Apple and fight against Android fans.

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