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Raspberry Pi Will Now Come In Custom Designs

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It is hard to imagine the hectic task of bringing aboard thousands of Raspberry Pi boards and tweaking each one of them to match the needs. Well, that issue has been addressed with Raspberry Pi teaming up with Element14 to offer custom tweaks to the hardware pieces on an order of more than 3000 units.

The $35 Raspberry Pi 2 is equipped with a quad-core chip, and can perform heck of a powerful jobs.

The decision to make tailormade Raspberry Pis comes as an outcome of the repeated requests from firms that already build around the Pi.

Raspberry Pi has quiet a large fan following with around 7 million people across all age groups using the board to  control a production line, drive a consumer appliance, create prototype models and more.

Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton notes that the organization never had an order for more than 20,000 compute modules from any given customer. This is where the need to build custom boards arise.

The custom option will let firms tweak the Pi’s hardware to better suit their needs. Changes can include reconfiguring the board layout, adding functionality such as new I/O, wireless connectivity or integrated power management and swapping out interfaces.

Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton said –

This gives you a way of doing it in a better form factor and obviously because you’re integrating it all onto one board you can do it at a more attractive cost point. Even a little bit of customisation can suddenly mean the Pi’s perfect for a vertical.

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