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OpenStack Seeks To Reduce Complexity Within, Announces Certification For Admins And Project Navigator

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Continuing with its drive to make state of the art technology feasible to every one, The OpenStack Foundation has announced the launch of a brand new certification program for OpenStack Cloud admins.

The certification program was announced by OpenStack at its bi-annual developer conference, which took place recently.

While OpenStack — as its name hints — is non-profit and essentially free, it is also very complex. In fact, its complexity is one reason why businesses — particularly small ones — are wary of adopting it, since finding administrators who excel in its nuances can be pretty hard.

Understanding this, OpenStack had previously launched a training center that enabled professionals to take courses from major vendors, including Linux, RedHat etc. which aimed at grounding them with the essentials of the technology management.

However, joining the course and completing it still left the organizations without a clear idea of the capabilities of these professionals. To bridge this gap, the Foundation, in collaboration with Tech majors including Canonical, Cisco, HP, Mirantis and others, has launched a certification process which is meant to provide admins with a means of getting their talents certified while also providing potential employers with a measure of the same.

The certification will take the form of a global test that will be held annually from next year. Those wishing to prepare for the test in advance, will also have the option of choosing from among 2o service providers to do so. The test is not expected to be free, however, the actual costs remain unclear at this point.

The idea of coupling certifications with its projects is certainly gaining traction at OpenStack and the Foundation may be looking at the option of providing similar tests for people playing other roles within the OpenStack ecosystem, developers for example.

The Foundation also took the occasion to announce the launch of Project Navigator. As the name implies, the service is meant to offer new users a way to understand and adapt to the various services OpenStack offers. The Navigator project lets users take a look at the details of various projects — which now number over 25! —  and includes details like documentation support, data about their maturity and packaging etc.

As per OpenStack COO Mark Collier,

One of the primary reasons that the community reorganized the project into core and optional services was to simplify the process of architecting and deploying OpenStack-powered clouds,Project Navigator takes this a step further by giving users new to our community a simple, graphical presentation of core and optional project information to help them quickly make informed decisions about the components they need in their own deployments.

The non-profit foundation, which has the backing of several prominent tech giants, seems to be working hard to ensure that its mission of providing open source technology to the world at large is not hindered by the complexity of the same technology. It is certainly a noble endeavour and we would like to wish OpenStack best of luck for the same.


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