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Acer Showcases An All-Terrain Electric Car Prototype

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It is going to be an electric cars future we’ll live in, and companies from literally all walks of technology are busy cashing in early on this still futuristic tech. The latest to join that bandwagon is Acer, which has come out with a brand-new product line — an electric, all-terrain vehicle (eATV).

Yes, this seems a bit odd because Acer has quiet a name in market for laptops, and similar peripherals. In order to step in this new segment, Acer had built a new subsidiary called “MPS Energy” back in July as part of its foray into the vehicle electricity and mobile power field.

The new eATV prototype – “X Terran” – has been designed by Studio X-Gene, with the integrated hardware-and-software smart BMS solution from MPS Energy.

Acer won’t be going head-to-head with Tesla and the rest of the auto industry anytime soon. It was designed to show off the company’s other research, including cloud computing technology designed for connected cars.

MPS Energy’s BMS hardware comprises a master motherboard; three battery packs, each containing 256 industry-standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries; and a slave motherboard, providing 8.7-kilowatt hour (kWh) of power in total, according to Acer.

The prototype was showcased at eCarTec Munich held in Germany and is the world’s largest trade fair for electric and hybrid mobility.

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