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Your Twitter And Vine Profiles Are Now Interconnected

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Jack Dorsey, for sure, is bringing some intelligent decisions along with him to Twitter. Fresh example of that, is Twitter’s move towards interconnecting its various virtual properties. The company recently made an announcement, according to which followers from Twitter will be able to access their Vine profiles and vice-versa.

We’re making it easier for you to find and follow your favorite accounts and creators on both Vine and Twitter. If you’ve connected your Twitter and Vine accounts, your Twitter account will appear on your Vine profile and other areas of the app. And a new Twitter setting lets creators choose to show their Vine account on their Twitter profile.

Ofcourse, in order for that to happen, you must first connect both the accounts first. However, once you have done that, get ready for some inter-platform action.

On Vine, your twitter name will start appearing at various places, including the main profile page and the Vine messanger. Tapping your Twitter name on Vine will take the Tapper — does the word exist? —
straight to Twitter, where they can then choose to follow you.

On Twitter, a brand new setting now allows you to choose to link and exhibit your Vine account to the world. People checking out your Twitter profile will be able to see a Vine icon, which on clicking, will take them straight to your account on the same. Also, after this update, Vine profiles will include an accounts loop on the page.

As per the blog post,

Additionally, we’ve updated Vine profiles to include an account’s loops — the same number you see when Vine is shown on Twitter profiles. Loops are counted every time a Vine is watched within our player, which is in our mobile apps and website, embeds across the web, Twitter and more. As people make great Vines that others love and want to watch, those creators get more and more loops. By surfacing that number to the world, anyone can quickly get a sense of that creator and the impact of their Vines.


The move is no big surprise, considering the fact the Vine is owned by Twitter and that allowing Viners access to the huge Twitter audience is actually something that should have been done long ago. As it is,
Vine stars are using other social networking websites such as Facebook, to popularize themselves while using their presence on Vine as a leverage.

However, Twitter’s move, late as it is, may still save the day by allowing stars access to a huge audience — all from the comfort of their own Vine profiles, what’s more, the authenticity of their accounts can now be easily verified too.

To access all these brand new features, make sure that you have the latest versions of both of Vine and Twitter installed on your iOS device. The Android version of Vine is slated to arrive soon too, while Twitter for Android is already up and running.


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