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Facebook Gets Big On Search, Will Now Allow Users To Search Across All 2 Trillion Of Its Posts

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For long we have debating whether Facebook will someday have a search engine of its own. And by the looks of what Facebook has come up with, it has apparently turned itself into one, or maybe a fraction of it for now.

With the introduction of Search FYI, Facebook’s search bar will now let you search over 2 trillion news posts that Facebook caters and display it to you immediately — all in real-time. Facebook claims that it records over 1.5 billion searches a day. Well, its clear that Facebook intends to make use of this enormous figure to catch some attention to its news segment.

This is indeed a great thing if we look closely. Just search for a story, look what world has to say and share your opinion as well. Since the news posts will have Facebook’s magic touch, you can comment just as you do on posts and speak your mind out.

When you start typing, Facebook will show you recommended posts based on your input that it claims will be highly precise. Facebook’s new feature will also let you directly search the very latest stories.

When a link gets shared widely on Facebook, it often anchors an interesting public conversation. Now you can also jump to famous public conversations and actually be a part of it.

It’s not the first time that Facebook has been trying to bring attention to its news segment. It has made dozens of changes to bring more users aboard on this part. Facebook is also reportedly working on a dedicated news aggregating application named “Notify”, which will allow Facebook users to aggregate notifications from various publishers on recently posted stories or content.

In May, Facebook had announced a new feature dubbed Instant Articles which imported content from a specific set of publishers directly into a user’s News Feed.

Facebook has lately been very strategic on launching support to its news segment and seems to be quiet successful in doing so. It now stands as a major competitor to Twitter when it comes to news aggregating. And with the ongoing support and launch of new features in the space, Facebook might do something beyond our anticipation.

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