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Freshdesk Entices LinkedIn India MD Nishant Rao To Join In As Its New COO

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With an increasing number of venture capitalist firms and individual investors showing an interest in the Indian market, many start-ups suddenly have their purses bursting at the seams with cash — a significant portion of which is being used to bid upon the most talented and keen brains the business world has to offer.

Along the same lines, Chennai based Freshdesk has engaged the services of Nishant Rao, erstwhile MD of LinkedIn India, who will now be joining Freshdesk as its new COO.

Freshdesk is a company specializing in Web and IT products with its roots in Chennai. The company has gone through a recent spurt of growth and its client base now includes over 50,000 enterprises from around the world, including names like Honda and Toshiba.

However managing operations of this size is no cakewalk — Customer satisfaction is obviously extremely important when you offer customer service as your main product.

Realizing this and also to cater to its growing global clientele more effectively, the company recently shifted its headquarters to the silicon valley. However, the company is facing stiff competition from rivals, particularly in the US market, where it finds itself squared off against Zendesk.

The next important step along the way is obviously getting the best people to manage and scale operations, while also managing to stay ahead of rivals. That is probably why Freshdesk choose to appoint Nishant, who thanks to his LinkedIn background is no stranger to managing large operations while his  start-up experience — Started career as a co-founder of Epicenter Technologies, the first voice-based call center in India — means that he is well versed with the challenges faced by a budding company.

The company obviously put a lot of thought into the appointment and seems to be pleased with its choice. According to Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and founder of Freshdesk,

His (Nishant’s) expertise in scaling operations across global markets makes him an excellent addition to Freshdesk’s executive team.

As per an article on TechInAsia, Nishant seemed to be quite excited at the prospect of going back to his “entrepreneurial roots” and said that he was looking forward to helping make Freshdesk a “global powerhouse” in his new role as its Chief Operating Officer.

Though speaking for myself, a substantial raise may also have a significant hand in getting Rao away from his comfortable position as MD, LinkedIn India. However, the fundings Freshdesk has been receiving in recent days, means that it can afford it. This April saw Google Capital make an investment of US$50 million in the company in its Series E round, taking the total influx of capital to Freshdesk up to a staggering $94 million.


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