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Uber Driver Partners Protest Outside Company’s Bangalore Office, Reportedly Due To Reduced Incentives

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Ever since commencement of its operations here in India, Uber has repeatedly been falling into unexpected legal controversies and has spent majority of its time overcoming those. But now it seems, those problems have extended beyond legal boundaries.

More than 600 drivers today vandalized Ubers HSR office in Bangalore, in an attempt to express discontentedness against lowered incentives by the company for drivers.

When Uber started its operations in India, it lured in drivers by launching quite many incentives for drivers and successfully pulled in a bunch of them. That figure significantly rose in no time since the incentives offered by Uber were comparatively higher than other competitors like Ola and Meru.

However, drivers have started to show growing discontent, claiming that Uber has diminished majority of the incentives and has even started charging Rs. 300 per week for Internet services. Expressing the same anger, around 20,000 Uber drivers had prepared to protest against Uber in Bangalore last month, a report which company denied.

In August, over 500 registered drivers in Hyderabad held protests against Uber for not meeting its commitment on business and giving incentives.

However, this may be the one side of the story. In an official statement sent to The Tech Portal, Uber says,

Earlier today, we saw protests outside our offices by a handful of drivers. Upon investigating, we quickly discovered that these drivers were being instigated by specific groups and associations with vested interests, determined to disrupt our operations towards providing the city of Bangalore with reliable and safe urban mobility options.

Unfortunately, we have also learnt that these groups, who claim to represent our driver partners, are in fact on a quest to instil fear and uncertainty amongst the driver community, preventing them from earning an honest living on the Uber platform. 

At the same time, we are deeply heartened to see the support from tens of thousands of hardworking drivers who continue to serve the city and its residents by providing a high quality transportation service.

Our driver community in Bangalore continues to grow rapidly as more and more individuals including former taxi and auto drivers, professional chauffeurs, students, young professionals, the underemployed and the unemployed are thriving driver entrepreneurs on the Uber platform.

In fact, the vast majority of our driver base in Bangalore has an overwhelmingly positive sentiment towards Uber. This is evident from the fact that Bangalore, our first city in India, remains one of our largest markets with a rapidly growing consumer base that ensures our driver partners continue to make a good living and Uber their urban mobility solution of choice.

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  • Also uber drivers protest against the company this week .and told not to drive with uber.unexpectedly ..Other cities uber drivers got a minimum of 20 000per week. But in coimbatore only half of the amount paid for drivers. Any body tell how to contact Mr.Mark uber???????????its a million dollars question.but for us for a few dollars more…