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Nasscom And Facebook Team Up To Mentor Developers In Building Apps ‘For The Next Billion’

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Nasscom has partnered with social media giant Facebook for a new program under its 10000 startup program. The program called Leaders Building for the Next Billion aims to inspire innovation for new internet users by supporting developers who are building innovative apps and mobile websites for these communities.

Under the program, 10 developers who have showed a commitment towards building apps for new-to-internet populations will be shortlisted by an application process. Through another application process under the program,  students (4 students per campus from 5 – 7 different universities) will be selected to build mobile application relevant to the next billion and lead engagement with engineers, designers, and other students on campus interested in applying their talent to build mobile applications that are relevant to the next billion.

The developers will go through a 6-month program where they will be provided with technical, marketing, and financial support, and leadership skills, to build their applications and businesses. They will also be connected to industry leaders (CEOs, thought leaders, VCs, ecosystem evangelists, social change leaders, etc.), funders and the media to bring public attention to their commitment, solutions and impact such that they inspire many other developers to build innovative solutions for new-to-internet users.

These participants will also qualify for $80000 worth support by FBStart program of Facebook and will get additional ad credits to build their business. Facebook will fund the creation of this track at NASSCOM 10,000 Start Ups and is looking forward to the partnership of other technology leaders to expand the program’s ability to support innovations from developers for new-to-internet populations.

Nasscom’s 10000 Startups Program aims to nurture the hatchling startups into full-fledged technology stalwart companies, by giving them support via access to startup incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, startup support groups, mentors, and technology corporations. It has planned to  incubate, fund and provide ambient support to impact 10,000 technology startups in India, by 2023.


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