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Facebook Is Reportedly Testing A News Aggregating Application ‘Notify’

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Facebook, for quite a long time now, has been making relentless efforts as to how news stories appear on people’s timeline. Somehow, it still lags behind the Twitter when it comes to aggregating news story as it happens.

Facebook indeed seems to be committed to change the scenario and is reportedly working on a dedicated news aggregating application named “Notify”, which will allow Facebook users to aggregate notifications from various publishers on recently posted stories or content.

People on Facebook get to see news stories as they appear on their timelines. A dedicated platform will let them hover over dozens of recent news stories at a time and have a good time in reading them.

The interface of the application might have a Notifications button, which might further have sub-buttons namely ‘Providers’ and ‘Stations’. Providers will let you search stories as per publishers, while Stations will let you access specialized collections of stories or content within each publisher. Furthermore, you appear to be able to set notifications based on different content categories.

Notify might be rolled out by next month, it is being tested by publishers currently. Since it is a complete separate platform, it would be worth watching how Facebook team draws attention to Notify.


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