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NoBroker.com Kicks Off Property Buy And Sell At Zero Brokerage

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When one plans to buy or sell a house, the first thing that strikes the mind is the brokerage amount that one will have to pay, if he seeks to make the transaction via a third-party. To address this issue, NoBroker.com has started to offer houses and lands for buy/sale purpose with no brokerage amount involved.

NoBroker.com is a broker-free property search portal that connects customers directly with each other by eliminating the middleman. Buyers & sellers end up paying a combined 4 to 6 per cent of the deal value as brokerage. This brokerage often forces customers to forgo a property of their choice.

NoBroker.com has enabled its customers to buy the house of their choice without paying any brokerage. You may log on to NoBroker.com and choose from a large pool of inventory posted by house owners.

Through NoBroker’s platform, customers may contact owners directly and seek transaction details. The new chat feature will enable both parties to negotiate effectively.

To ensure that customers are making an informed decision, NoBroker is also offering title verification at a nominal cost. What this means is that NoBroker will get an EC (encumbrance certificate) for the property so that the buyer is rest assured about the genuineness of the property.

This is the first time NoBroker is stepping into buy sell business. The company and earlier offered lands and houses for rents without paying any brokerage amount since no third-party is involved.

Elimination of brokerage is something that would fascinate every person involved in buying or selling his/her property, except the brokers. The company reported revolts against its business operations and multiple hindrances by brokers who intended to halt NoBroker’s brokerage free business operations.

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