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Google Rolls Out Its Cardboard App Across 100 Countries In 39 Different Languages

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Finally! Google is taking the next big step to introduce the world to Virtual Reality. Starting today, the Google Cardboard app has been made available across over 100 countries on both Android and iOS platforms.

Yes sir, a recent post on Google’s official developer blog by Brandon Wuest, Software Engineer & Stereoscopic Sightseer, confirmed the fact. As per the post,

Starting today, the Google Cardboard app is available in 39 languages and over 100 countries on both Android and iOS devices. With more than 15 million installs of Cardboard apps from Google Play, we’re excited to bring VR to even more people around the world.

The app also includes a whole lot of brand new cool stuff. For Example, ‘Explore Google Street View in Cardboard’, will let you check out destinations across the world, using a combination of Google box and the latest version of the cardboard app running on your smartphone.

You can now explore Google Street View in Cardboard. So, download the updated Google Street View app for Android or iOS, and grab your Cardboard to immerse yourself in destinations around the world.

How cool is that? I am already day-dreaming about Paris — And we have just scratched the surface here, the future possibilities are virtually limitless.

Also, the Cardboard SDKs for both Android and Unity have been updated to cater to user concerns over drift correction and Unity performance. The implications of these changes are quite far-reaching and will not only decrease drift, particularly on devices with lower-quality sensors, but the fully Unity-native distortion pass sported by Cardboard SDK for Unity means that the Cardboard apps will now be able to work with Metal rendering on iOS and multi-threaded rendering on Android. To sum up, a much enhanced VR experience.

So if you have been deliberating about taking a peek into the world of Virtual Reality, now would be a pretty great time to dive in. While the cardboard app is free to download, you can choose to make your own viewer using the comprehensive manuals provided by Google.

Alternatively though, you can also choose to purchase a ready-made one via “a growing family of certified viewers, including the Mattel View-Master and Zeiss VR One GX, on sale now.”


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