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Alibaba Launches “Alibaba Defined”, Aims To Explain The Company To Those Outside China

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Chinese Technology Giant Alibaba has launched a brand new service, branded ‘Alibaba Defined’, with the aim of explaining the company and its motives — which has mostly remained an enigma — to people outside of China.

Explaining the decision, which incidentally coincided with its recent opening of the second AliCloud data center in Silicon Valley — at a cost of $1 Billion — which puts it on a level ground with Amazon Web Services, Joe Tsai, Alibaba’s executive vice chairman said-

Alibaba needs no explanation in China, where consumers interact with our products and services every single day, but for those outside of China, who have limited access to our ecosystem, it can be difficult to appreciate our vision, our company and what we are working to achieve. Our first annual report was the ideal opportunity to create a comprehensive experience for everyone who wants to better understand us.

Apart from the traditional and expected annual reports associated with the company, the service will also pack letters from both Jack Ma and Daniel Zhang, along with a view of modern China from a cultural as well as economic standpoint.

The latter is included with the aim of introducing the reader to the nuances of the economy, which according to the said report, is slated to become the largest in the coming years. According to the China Context,

Understanding Alibaba’s potential means understanding China. Access to the Internet, rising incomes and a highly fragmented retail industry have made e-commerce a way of life for China’s aspirational middle class. And for them, e-commerce is synonymous with Alibaba.

The section also stresses on the greater spending power — virtue of rising incomes — as well as the rapidly growing numbers of the Chinese middle class.

The Alibaba experience — another part of Alibaba Defined — explains how the tech and business giant’s platforms enable up and coming entrepreneurs to start, grow as well as take care of its day-to-day running.

Finally, in Founded in China, Created for the world, Alibaba goes on to explain how the company is striving to build the commerce of the future by connecting China’s customers — a pool, which is virtually every businessman’s delight thanks to its sheer volume — with not only domestic but also international brands. As per the company,

Alibaba began in China. Now, we’re building the infrastructure of commerce for the future to connect buyers with sellers anywhere in the world.


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