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Facebook Introduces ‘Reactions’, Adds Six Emojis To Like Button

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Over the last few months, people have spent too much time interrogating Mark Zuckerberg whether he intends to append a dislike button to the Facebook. Apparently, their questions have finally been answered, with Facebook not actually adding a dislike button, but by introducing ‘Reactions’ as an upgraded feature to its existing ‘Like’ button.

Apparently, the new feature does not comes as a surprise as Mark had already provided us a few hints last month. Facebook’s Reactions offers a set of six emoji icons that come alongside the iconic ‘Like’ button. The icons will basically let you express love, laughter, happiness, sadness, shock and anger on Facebook posts.

This may also mean that Facebook won’t add a dislike button to Facebook ever since using a dislike button won’t look cool in all of the scenarios. Simply put, Reactions is Facebook’s alternative to the much demanded dislike button and would let you use anger or shocked emoji icons in case you want to show your disconnectedness.

Also, the icons are quite identical to the ones that already exist on WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, except the like and love buttons.

The new feature would be rolled out first in Spain and Ireland for preliminary testing. After analyzing the responses from these regions,  the feature would become available in more countries. The reason for the testing in these two countries is that these regions have largely national user bases without extensive international friend networks.

The new buttons will be available across mobile and desktop versions of the social network and will appear on all posts in the News Feed, similar to the Like button. Also, there are counts to show how many reactions a post has got on the social network.

The reason for the roll out of these emoji set is simply that the Like button does not fit in all cases. That’s why emoji sets have been rolled out so that expression matching to the situation or scenario can be used at right times.



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  • Idk about this I like the dislike button. I was reading about the new app DisaGraph and it’s approve and disapprove button. I like that idea and I’ll be joining their app when it’s released. Plus my parents are on facebook lol why hasn’t anyone covered this new app DisaGraph? New topic please!