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Phillips Launches Brand New Version Of The Hue Bridge: Brighter Lights And Tighter Integrations

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Phillips has integrated its Hue smart light bulb product line with Apple’s HomeKit framework. Thanks to the new integration, the automatic, smartphone controlled bulbs have just gotten even smarter.

The new integration — which does require you to buy a brand new bridge, since the existing bridge does not work with the HomeKit — not only lets you play around with the Phillips Hue bulbs, but also lets you perform some cool new acrobatics via components from other manufacturers.

For example,  iOS users can control a whole bunch of HomeKit-compatible devices using Siri. The list of manufacturers producing HomeKit devices include ecobee3, Elgato, iHome, Insteon, Lutron, iDevices and Schlage at the moment with more expected to come on board soon.

The new HomeKit also sports a great new feature, that lets you group devices together. What this means is that, you could potentially connect your garage door and the garage light, so that opening or closing the door turns the light On/Off as per your requirement. Sweet, right?

The Phillips Hue app does not support grouping as of now — though we expect it to change that via a software update any day — however, you still have the option of adding Hue lights from the apps of other products that support grouping. For now though, iOS users must content themselves with asking Siri to change the color and/or intensity of the light, which undoubtedly, is still pretty cool — For the first few hundred times, at least.

The new bridge — Hue 2.0 — can be bought starting the 6th of October for a price of $60, with existing Hue customers liable to get a discount of 20 bucks. Users can also choose to buy it as part of a package with updated Hue light bulbs, that are brighter at 800/800 lumens as compared to the pre-existing 600/750 lumens for the coloured and white bulbs respectively.


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