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IBM Acquires Chicago-based Data Storage Vendor Cleversafe

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In what looks to be an attempt to beef up its hybrid cloud storage capacity, IBM has acquired data storage seller Cleversafe.

As per IBM, which made the announcement regarding the acquisition of the decade old start-up just this morning,

The company uses unique algorithms to slice data into pieces and reassemble the information from a single copy, rather than simply making multiple copies of the data, which is how storage traditionally has been done. As a result, Cleversafe can store data significantly cheaper and with greater security,

Well, considering the fact that Cleversafe currently owns over 350 patents related to this technology and caters to giants such as Shutterfly and Sky with their truckloads of data, IBM’s decision is quite likely to enable it to guild the lily. The Illinois, Chicago based company has partnered with other tech giants such as Lockheed Martin, HP and IBM itself in the past, and has raised a sum total of over $100 million.

The move while a bit sudden, is not particularly surprising. IBM has been trying to get its processes on the cloud since the past couple of years and has  managed to succeed up to some extent. Part of it infrastructure is now in place with SoftLayer, Bluemix and the SaaS portfolio.

However, with time the company seems to have come to the realization that transferring all the workload to the cloud may be harder than it looks, which is why it is now going with the approach of sharing out the load between on-prem and the cloud. That is another area where the merger with Cleversafe — whose Dispersed Storage Network sits on-prem as compared to IBM’s Spectrum Storage tools — should prove particularly useful.

IBM is hoping to incorporate Cleversafe into its Cloud unit with the former becoming part of Softlayer’s Object Storage Services, as soon as the ink is dry on the papers confirming the merger.


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