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ELearnMarkets Aims To Bridge That Massive Gap In India’s Financial Education Sector

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ​In the modern world, if one wants to survive, there is no other alternative to self learning and an insatiable thirst for knowledge is absolutely critical for success in any field.

However there are some areas about which, every person, irrespective of the profession he is in, needs to have a basic knowledge. Financial education is one such area, the investment in which, will pay the best interest in long term but unfortunately it is perhaps one of the most neglected aspect of our education system.

A large majority of population, including the highly educated lot, remains woefully ignorant of even the most basic finance and money related matters. However things are changing with the digital invasion and many online learning websites have now come up which offer a wide variety of courses including those related to finance and money.

Elearnmarkets is one such online education platform, which is committed to take finance training to the next level. It makes use of the convenient environment of the virtual world to extend the quality of practical education that had otherwise been confined within the bounds of classrooms.

It is the ideal web portal for all those students who want to expand their horizon of knowledge and enhance their skill-set with respect to finance and capital markets.

Elearnmarkets.com was founded by Vineet Patawari who is an alumnus of IIM Indore and is deeply passionate about Digital Products, Digital Marketing and Elearning. He launched the platform 6 months back after keeping it in development stage for almost 7 months.

Currently, there are around 42 online finance & financial market courses available on the portal.

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Elearnmarkets was recently awarded Best Finance Training Institute in Eastern India and its Flagship Program CRTA is one of the most successful program with participants from around the globe.

However, the biggest milestone of Elearnmarkets is getting their Certification course associated with National Stock Exchange of India. This adds immense credibility to the quality of courses and training imparted on Elearnmarkets.

In addition to NSE, it has institutional tie-ups with St. Xavier’s college, MCX and BeFresh Bangladesh for Financial Literacy.

Getting Started and Unique features

There are plenty of free basic courses available on Elearnmarkets in addition to the paid certification courses. Getting started on the platform is quite easy with the following simple steps:

Step: 1 A person has to login to Eleanmarkets.com

Step:2 Register oneself either through the registration form or Facebook

Step: 3 Verification link will be generated and sent to your email

Step: 4 Check your inbox and click the verification link


Elearnmarkets, being the portal that remains open for all 24×7, is unique in its approach to anywhere and anytime education. Students are provided with a blend of guidance material in different formats like important workbooks, course material, videos of lectures on important topics etc.

They are given the scope to study at their own pace and because the course material is available online, the students can access lectures, watch the videos again any time they want and from any place thus helping them to learn at their own pace.

A common drawback in most online courses is that they hardly provide any tests or yardstick to measure the performance and keep a track of learning which is very crucial to learn anything. Keeping this goal in mind, each course at Elearnmarkets comes with mock tests that students can attempt to solve within the bounds of timing to overcome their apprehensions about real life tests and examinations.


ELM also gives a detailed analysis of tests taken by students and help them to pinpoint their problem areas. By Regular assessment through online platform students become exam ready and prepared not only in terms of facing the exam but also gain confidence.

Through in-depth analysis, a student can analyse its strengths and weakness and work upon them accordingly.

Not only this, it also provides students with means to overcome those problems and weak areas in a regularly updated Community section where experts from various fields of learning answer students’ queries. The students can also share their experiences and their knowledge through the interactive blog on the portal.

The blog also provides a regular updates in financial markets and daily newspaper analysis is posted in the form of articles and videos respectively. By going through these, an individual will be updated of all recent happenings in the financial markets.

The platform of Elearnmarkets is built upon a robust technical foundation. For the eLearning part, CakePHP is being used for back-end development while HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and AngularJs are used for front-end development.

They use WordPress for maintaining their blog and Amazon Web Services for storage and video delivery. In order to develop and adapt new technology for the portal, they use LAMP consisting of four open-source components: the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS), and the PHP programming language.

The Road Ahead

Having been launched just a few months ago, this is just a beginning for Elearnmarkets which is currently bootstrapped. It boasts of a strong core team having expertise and experience in the finance domain along with commitment to knowledge & value addition through their platform.

They have a deep understanding of student’s need and expectations and are a part of a strong network in Financial markets which helps to build associations.

To expand their presence further in the finance learning space, they are looking for collaborations with Regulators for mass financial literacy drives; Exchanges for joint certification courses;Education Institutes for registrations & bulk sales and Finance Intermediaries like Brokers for registrations & bulk sales.

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