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Twitter May Allow Tweets With More Than 140 Characters With A New Product Soon

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Continuing its recent wave of many changes, Twitter may be working on a new product which would allow people to tweet using more than 140- characters, reported Re/code. These new developments are said to be result of interim CEO Jack Dorsey pushing for new ideas and improvements in Twitter to make it more appealing to a broad spectrum of people and give a boost to the dwindling number of users.

People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved,

said one current senior employee.

Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world.

One of the defining and perhaps the most discussed features of micro-blogging website Twitter has been its 140 character limit on tweets. Some people have even speculated the feature to be a reason behind the luke-warm increase in number of users on Twitter over the years. Recently even Instagram crossed the 400 million mark in number of users as compared to 316 million users of Twitter.

Twitter has been making many changes in the Twitter over the past 2-3 months such as introducing Re-tweet with Comment option in April and removing the character limit in private messages in June along with many more minor changes here and there. However this change , if really true, could be one of the biggest changes since its inception.

In addition to this new long-form product, executives at Twitter are reportedly also exploring to tinker with the current method of measuring the number of characters which also counts links, hashtags and user handles and giving more room to people for writing by not counting these in total characters. This, in fact, seems like a more reasonable thing to do instead of doing away with a feature which has perhaps defined Twitter for all these years.

However it is still early to be sure of these changes until there is an official announcement from the company itself.

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