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Take A Look At The Upcoming BlackBerry Android: The Priv

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BlackBerry, which confirmed the release of a device running the Android platform a few days ago after months spent in speculation and rumors, has also released pictures of the said device.

A blog post by the company said,

Since confirming and previewing our coming privacy-enabled Android smartphone last Friday, we’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest – and humbled by the early praise.

adding that,

To satisfy the curiosity out there, here are the first official images of PRIV.

bb-priv-2-tp-newThe pictures,which show the profile and front view of the Priv, are pretty much in keeping with what we thought the device was going to look like. The phone seems to have a sleek body despite the slider-keyboard and features three buttons — volume controls and lock perhaps? — on the side. You can also see front speakers and a slightly protruding back camera.

BlackBerry in its post, again stressed on the importance of privacy in its devices, particularly in the upcoming Priv.

Privacy is a fast-disappearing privilege in the modern world. The same goes for productivity. Somewhere along the way, most smartphones evolved from tools into toys, with vendors prioritizing fun over work. With PRIV’s software enhancements, physical keyboard and oversized screen, all enabled by the slider form factor, we’re bringing privacy, productivity, and, oh yes, some sexy, back.

The company has a lot hanging on Priv. Despite BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s statement past week — “It’s for those who like physical keyboards but want lots of apps too.” — it is quite obvious that after sticking faithfully to its own BlackBerry OS and rejecting Android for several years, BlackBerry is in bad shape.

The company’s percentage in total devices shipped in the US have dipped to below 1% from an all time high of 40%. Similarly, stocks of the company, which were valued at around $236 in 2007 — the year both the first iPhone and Android launched — are now bordering around a meagre $7.

Well, lets hope that Priv, which promises to combine the best in class privacy BlackBerry provides with the marvelous platform known as Android, is enough to turn the fortunes of the company.


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