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LinkedIn Elevate Now Available To Large Enterprises With Updated Notifications And Analytics

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LinkedIn’s social management tool for companies called Elevate, which was launched in pilot mode in April this year, has now been made available to large organizations with more than 2000  employees. Elevate allows the companies to share content and articles, both curated ones and originals, through their employees on their respective social networks in order to increase their presence and social media.

In the pilot mode, employees could share the content only with their LinkedIn networks and on Twitter. Now as it opens to a more wider organizations, Elevate now also supports sharing on Facebook in addition to the above two. The Notification system has also been updated and now people using Elevate can know which of their shared articles are getting more popular so that they can customize their sharing activities accordingly.

LinkedIn Elevate is a paid product that helps enterprise companies empower their employees to become social professionals, keeping in mind that employees of a company are perceived more credible in providing an accurate information and content about the company and its activities. It also provides useful analytic data to give an idea about the audience demographics and about who is getting influenced by the content by providing crucial insights into the audience interaction with the content.

This is beneficial to both companies and its employees. Companies get a chance to stay on top of the news and build a better image among people by sharing useful content through their employees. On the other hand, employees also get opportunities to build their network over LinkedIn by sharing company activities.

According to LinkedIn Elevate’s product manager Will Sun, when a LinkedIn user shares six pieces of content, on an average,  they’d receive six profile views and make two new connections, something which is necessary to make the employees understand the benefit of sharing the content. He further added that although statistically only 2% of employees usually share the content of their companies, that still drives 20% of overall audience engagement with the company content.


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