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LinkedIn and Didi Kuaidi Join Hands For Product Integration, R&D And Recruitment

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China’s taxi aggregator Didi Kuaidi has struck a deal with LinkedIn which would provide mutual benefits to the two; LinkedIn expects to capture the professional network of China and Didi Kuaidi aims to recruit talents as it expands to the US market.

The deal was announced at the eighth US-China Internet Industry Forum at Microsoft headquarters which was attended by the Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as corporate tycoons such as Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

This collaboration is expected to set an example for other Chinese internet enterprises looking to recruit and develop global talent,

the official statement of Didi said about its recruitment plans in North America with the help of LinkedIn.

On the other hand, under the deal, people with LinkedIn profiles can avail the car-pooling service of Didi Kuaidi called Hitch which was launched in June this year.  It has so far proven to be a massive hit with 5 million user registrations since its launch. Now with professional networking options from LinkedIn, the service is expected to further get a boost.

By connecting with LinkedIn, Hitch will be able to enhance its networking function, particularly targeting professionals who represent a big part of its user base,

Didi said in the statement.

In addition to this, the MOU between the two companies also indicate towards development of machine learning and algorithms to enhance user experience of the two services and create new market opportunities. However the exact implication of these new developments on services was not made clear and one has to wait.

Like many other companies, China is an important market for LinkedIn also which introduced its China specific website in February 2014. Since then it has amassed nearly 6 million users in the country, a considerable amount but still it is nothing when compared to the total 380 million global users on the platform.

On the other hand, Didi Kuaidi who is a fierce competitor of the world leader Uber in China is slowly making arrays into the US region. It recently confirmed its $100 million investment in the US based cab service Lyft along with a strategic partnership with the firm. The new partnership between Didi and LinkedIn is expected to help both the companies in pursuing their specific country wise goals.

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